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Shea butter is a popular ingredient that has been used in a variety of products in recent days. It is used as a major ingredient in skin and hair products. In Africa even before it could be used as an additive to beauty products, it could be used as a source of food and other cosmetic uses. The butter is obtained from a tree that is known as the shea karate. The tree is known far and wide because of its moisturizing and healing properties. Recent research has shown that shea butter has a variety of uses and benefits, hence making it one of the high sort natural commodity

Benefits and ingredients of shea butter

Can treat dry skin

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For those who have had the opportunity to use shea butter, they can witness that it can moisturize any skin. ThisĀ butter is particularly recommended for those individuals who are experiencing flaky and dry skin. This is essential to such a skin because it moisturizes it and renews the skin cells, hence ensuring that the skin looks smoother and younger. To make sure that you achieve the desired results, you are advised to apply the butter immediately after you have taken a shower and left it on to dry. As opposed to other skin care products, you will be surprised to note that it will be quickly absorbed into your skin and it will give you a positive result almost immediately.

Treats acnes

For those individuals who are suffering from acnes, you are advised to use shea butter; this is because it has both soothing and healing properties which are desirable for an individual suffering from acnes. Its soothing properties ensure that the irritations that are brought about by acnes are dealt with, this is achieved by it soothing the skin, to prevent the occurrence of any inflammations.

If used correctly, shea butter may appear to be oily, but it will surely help you improve your skin tone and clear all the blemishes from it. The vitamins that the shea butter has, play a vital role in clearing the pores and eliminating the excess oil that may be on one’s face. It is advisable that you use it with the African black soap as it will bring out the best results.

Stretch mark cream

This is a major problem among pregnant women. You will discover that shea butter is used as an ingredient in most of the stretch mark clearing creams. This is because it retains skin elasticity. To ensure that it is effective, always rub the butter on the belly, this will greatly reduce the occurrence of stretch marks while preventing the development of others.

Hair moisturizer


woman smilingOne of the common and most popular uses of shea butter is hair moisturizing. It is a favorite amongĀ individuals who havedry or damaged hair. They use it as it is essential in sealing moisture in the hair. Because of the effectiveness and popularity of the shea butter, you will find it being used as an ingredient in most of these beauty products.