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Is drinking soda good or bad?

colaWhereas many people often love drinking soda, many of them often have no idea on the benefits or side effects that comes with the soda.

Majority of them often concentrate on its sweetness without having to worry about the side effects that comes with drinking soda.


Is drinking soda good or bad? 

Many people would say no since it is refreshing and sweet. However, many health experts have always disagreed with the theorem by quoting some of the side effects of drinking soda especially for those people who need to imporve their health. Here are some of the common side effects of drinking soda.

  1. Increased risk of diabetes 

Research has shown that drinking soda can make you increase your chances of developing diabetes by over 80 percent when compared to those people who do not take soda. Since soda has numerous calories, you will always be at risk of developing diabetes type 2 if you have no idea. For you to improve your health, you must be able to know what to do when looking for the healthy options that exists from the market.

  1. Increased obesity 

With over 450 calories per 500 ml soda, you should be worried on the amount of calories that you would consume per day when you drink four bottles of soda a day. With too much drinking of soda, you will always increase your chances of developing obesity by over 70 percent when compared to those who do not drink soda.

  1. Associated with kidney issues 

Soda has many preservatives that can have an impact on the kidney when you need to improve your health. Those people who have had these problems will always get the best options when looking for ways to enhance your health. Statistics have it that people who drink soda can increase their chances of developing kidney stones problems by 50 percent when compared to those who do not.

  1. Leads to heart diseases problems 

Most of the heart disease problems often starts with drinking too much soda. The chemicals and preservatives in soda can have negative impact on your health especially when you need to improve your health amazingly. diet cola

  1. Dissolves teeth enamel

Many people who loves drinking soda often have problems with their teeth. Most of the chemicals found often have a problem since they can easily dissolves the enamel thus making your teeth week.

In conclusion, the above reasons should convince you that drinking soda have more negative side effects that makes it bad habit health wise.