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It is unwise just to walk into any shop and buy the first e-liquid you set your eyes on. If you want to satisfy your man smokingcravings, then you must find the best e-liquid. With the several different brands currently available on the market, making that choice can be a daunting task. One thing that should be obvious is that true vapers only enjoy e-liquid if they can find a particular flavor of their liking and nicotine levels strong enough to satisfy their cravings. So how do you find the Best e liquid? There two major features you should take into consideration to arrive at the best decision.

1. The nicotine level/strength

By far the most important feature you should look for is the nicotine level or strength. The levels usually vary from 0mg of nicotine to as much as 54mg. The levels are graded as follows:

  • Nicotine free (0mg nicotine, just flavoring and PV or VG)
  • Low strength (4mg to 8mg of nicotine per ml.)
  • Mid strength (10mg to 14mg of nicotine per ml.)
  • High strength (16mg to 18mg per ml.)
  • Extra-high strength (24mg to 54mg per ml.)

E-cigarette smokers can choose the nicotine level that suits their smoking needs. People who use e-cigs to quit smoking need this information because it can enable them gradually reduce the nicotine strength until their addiction ends. The nicotine dosage is usually labeled on the bottle containing the e-liquid.

Mostly e-liquids are used as a replacement for conventional cigarettes because they can deliver the active ingredient in tobacco without the user and those close to him or her inhaling the toxic products of combustion. The varying nicotine levels allow heavy smokers to enjoy e-cigs with higher nicotine levels while light smokers can use e-liquids with lower levels. In choosing the appropriate e-liquid, you should consider your own nicotine needs. If you just want to satisfy your smoking habit, then the best option for you is nicotine free e-liquid.

2. The e-liquid flavor

breaking cigarette This is another important feature you need to consider. Each e-liquid is usually formulated with some flavor or blends of many different flavors. There are thousands of flavors to choose from. There is no better way to choose your preferred flavor other than to taste them. Some of the most popular flavors have unique names making it difficult to tell what they would taste like before you have a chance to taste one. A good example is thug juice that tastes more like grape, watermelon, a bit of sweetener and some menthol.
If you take those two factors into consideration then there are very good chances you will find the best e-liquid that will not only satisfy your cravings but also give you the pleasure of smoking your favorite e-cigs.