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Most footballers have found themselves in hospitals or clinics after suffering certain body injuries. Most of the injuries do occur if the players did not use the proper safety protections as recommended. Alternatively, the cause of the injury may have been of great magnitude to overwhelm the protective gear used. Professionals advise that footballers must always choose the best safety gear before getting into the pitch.

Top injuries incurred by footballers and how to avoid them

Ankle strains and sprains

footballers The ankle injuries are far too common across all sports. People swiftly change positions, pivot the body and also apply pressure which playing. In most cases, this results in damage to the ankle tissues causing either strains or sprain. The injuries are enough to keep a footballer away from the pitch for a couple of games. To avoid this kind of injuries, the first step wearing the right type of cleat boots.

Knee injuries

Just like the ankle injuries, the knee can suffer from similar strains and sprains particularly if the safety gear is not worn properly. The ligaments are usually strong enough to withhold the minor strains, but when the pressure is too much, then an injury can result. In other times a football player can fall and hurt the knee when they land on hard ground. Protective girdles with sufficient padding can keep one off the problem.


In some cases, football players can suffer concussions due to excess impact which particularly on the head. The brain may get a traumatic impact that leads to loss of consciousness for some time. Such cases need urgent medical care for scanning to assess the damage. Other effects include a headache, blurred vision and nausea. Under this condition, a player may not resume until the doctor gives clearance to do so. To prevent this, use a well-padded helmet is necessary and a mouth guard. Also, players must be keen to avoid hitting others on the head.

Shoulder injuries

footballers on matchThese are yet another common series of injuries incurred by footballers. The shoulder blade is also prone to dislocation or minor fractures as the players glide on each other. At other times one may fall on the side and hurt the shoulders badly. With a bad shoulder, playing could be difficult until the doctor gives a clearance. Wearing the shoulder plates with enough paddings will reduce chances of getting these injuries.