Our children love fried chicken. And it is not only the children who crave for crispy fried chicken but adults too. We always yearn for the crisp, moisture, and the rich taste of the chicken, and with thoughts of dipping it into a cup of delicious gravy, it can lead us to the nearest fast-food store in minutes.



Indeed, frying the chicken must be the most popular way of cooking chicken. And while most of us know the ill-effects of fried food, we tend to forget them when fried chicken is served right in front of us. One of the best ways to avoid fried chicken and its health hazards, at least in our homes, is to learn other delectable recipes. Grilling your chicken can be the best option that you haven’t yet tried. Grilled chicken will not only please your taste buds but is also more economical and healthy.

Here are the health benefits of grilled chicken, which are impossible to find in fried chicken.

Less Fats

Outdoor Grill

When frying the chicken, you need to have a significant amount of cooking oil so the chicken will float in it. If the chicken does not float in the oil, you may not get the extra crisp. While fried chicken may also lose some of the fats, it may reabsorb some of the oil in the end. You do not use oil when grilling—instead, fats from the chicken drip off the grates.

Minerals Are Retained

Unlike cooking chicken by frying or boiling, the chicken will retain most of its minerals when you cook it by grilling. When frying, some of the minerals are lost to the cooking oil. Recipes that require boiling the chicken will also lose its mineral to the water.

Enhance Flavor and Minerals by Marinating

Marinating your chicken with various spices and other ingredients such as soy sauce, ketchup, honey, or vinegar will add flavor to your chicken. You can make different marinating solutions to vary the taste each time you grill. The spices will not only make the chicken more savory, but they can also enrich it with minerals. And don’t think that gravy is only for fried chicken?

Grilling Can Be an Enjoyable Activity

Chicken Kebab

Grilling can be an activity to look forward to.  It is definitely more fun when you grill outdoors. For sure, you will likely get help turning those Instant Pot Chicken Wings than when frying them. When everything is cooked, you can bring out the table and have dinner amidst your plants and fresh air, a healthier environment indeed.

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